domain acquisition


Domains are vital for maintaining your company's visibility on the web, so being unable to acquire relevant domain names can have a negative impact on the online presence, customer engagement strategies, SEO investments and marketing campaigns of organizations.
In addition, generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) such as .com can be registered by anyone, which means that any third party can also register valuable domains infringing on an organization's trademarks and then use them for fraudulent activities.

Pre-owned domain acquisition: relevant domains that are legitimately registered and used by a third party, but are required by a brand for the launch a new market entry strategy or local marketing campaign.

Domain investors: speculators that reserve domain names not linked to a specific trademark to sell on at a later date for profit.

Cybersquatters: domains associated with a brand's valuable trademarks are acquired by a third party and used to conduct illegal practices or activity that harms brand reputation such as false affiliations, online counterfeiting, phishing, and adult content.

DOMINIOS DE EMPRESA has a comprehensive and fully tailored domain acquisition, recovery & brokerage service to complete and optimize the domain name portfolios of large organizations.

One of the main reasons that a lot of Nordic companies, which would otherwise have the capability to enter a foreign market, have not expanded their business to Latin America, is found in the cultural mechanisms which are essential to know in order to ensure an efficient domain name strategy. Without this exact knowledge and the practical ability to apply that knowledge, they will not be able to establish a long-lasting, viable presence in the Latin American online markets.

Our Latin American domain names premium acquisition services has focused in recent years on matters involving Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and other countries in Central and South America.