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DOMINIOS DE EMPRESA provides the technical and human support of having a team with over ten years of experience in management of corporate Internet domains.

Often companies come to us once the domains have been lost because they were managed by internal staff that changed areas or when there is a conflict of ownership of the domain between a company and those who made the Web page, or a company and the internal employee who managed the domain.

When companies register their domains with massive registrars, they do it through and internal employee who uses his own credit card to pay the cost of the domain.

This gives rise to future ownership conflicts than can be extremely expensive for the company.

We are not a registrar for the general public; we provide a service aimed to companies.

The following research works prove the importance of outsourcing domain management to experts and assuring that the ownership of the domain belongs to the company, thus avoiding expensive conflicts.

We also present a paper dealing with the importance of protecting corporate domains with the arrival of the new Gtld.

l research paper: The new internet domains, threats and opportunities for brands. l

l research paper: bad Internet domain names policies. l